Sometimes you get more than you ask for. When I started my new job two and a half years ago, I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this.

I haven’t often blogged about work because… who wants to hear about work? In the past, my day jobs haven’t been the best part of my life – not even close. They were competing with flat tires and visits to the dentist for last place on my list of favorite things.

Then Salesforce happened to me. (I wish it had a more whimsical name, like FriendshipForce or World Change Central. Then I could write poetry about it. And paint a picture to go with it!)

In all reality, when Salesforce happened to me, it changed everything about my life. I was given a choice, as we all are, to choose authenticity and vulnerability, or to choose BAU (Business as Usual). Historically, I have chosen BAU every time. Vulnerability was something to read about and wish for. Authenticity was a carefully crafted version of open-mindedness.

But when Salesforce happened to me, I was 35 years old and tired of the charade. I was starting completely fresh, so I figured, what the heck? I’ll try it and see. Brene was in my head and I had nothing to lose in my approach. I spoke about some of this at Dreamforce this year (the video series below includes my talk, or you can click on the preceding link to go directly there! 🙂


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