I have a picture in my office. It says:


I mean, thank you.


It reminds me that sometimes what the Universe gives us isn’t always quite what we thought it would. It reminds me that intentions made and sent out into the Universe sometimes come back full of opportunity. It reminds me that I need to be careful what I ask for.

A year ago in July, I made a declaration about what my life would look like in 12 months. It was a time of new beginnings for me, since it was the month Mark and I had our commitment ceremony. It was the month I came out, in the most meaningful way I could, as a person who follows what she says she believes in with action.

It was the month my heart left my church, and in the leaving, left part of my patchwork behind as well. There was a gaping hole there… I’m working on mending that.

It was the hottest month on record. It was a time for purging, a time for releasing, and a time when my soul took to the roads looking for a home.

It was 2 months before the Playa and my willful heart begged me to go. It was when I made a vow that “next year” would really be in 365 days, not “sometime in the indeterminate future”.

This year, March 20 marked the end of winter and it was a bright and light winter on my soul. I didn’t get depressed. This is a first for me. Winter normally pulls me apart with its icy fingers and gloomy outlook. This year was different.

This year, I look forward to July and wonder which of my intentions will become reality.

This is my Sabbath year.

In the Jewish tradition, every 7 years is a “Sabbath year”.  A time to let the fields rest and revive themselves, a time to spend with family, relaxing into the future, falling into a pattern of expectation for the coming year.

This is my seventh year in a number of ways, and I see my Sabbath around the corner. I can smell the fresh bread baking in preparation. I finger the candles I have pulled out to light. I close my eyes and image the candlelit faces surrounding my Sabbath table – my children, family, friends – the people I have chosen as my community, sharing bread and presence with me. Celebrating the rest.

Although last minute preparations in my soul’s journey have me rearranging my pantry and wiping up last nights dinner from the table, I pause in this business and remember… my Sabbath is soon.

A restful peace descends on my present soul.


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