In my book, The Crack in the Matrix, I explain my belief that mystical union with God occurs in consciousness.
Mystical union occurs when you listen in silence to the message of the cosmos. From within the silence emerges a whisper-like way of knowing that is not limited to the finite boxes of metaphysical processing. Mystical union can be experienced when you go in silent receptivity to the depths of your being. Simply seek in humble receptivity that which cannot be operationally defined and placed into a convenient box-concept. Release the box-concepts created by your ego. Release the thinking, talking, analyzing mind of the Analysis Zone of Consciousness. Release time and enter the now. Know life in the now of the Neutral Zone of Consciousness. Know the infinite eternal presence that is present. Click in receptivity and acceptance of eternal, infinite life.

Endless tributes have been paid to the awe, awesomeness, inspiration, infinity-awareness, and CHANGES IN AWARENESS AND BEHAVIOR that comes with mystical oneness. Yet we live in “this world” of physical needs and metaphysical madness. Surely, mystical oneness has something to do with living in this world. Mystical oneness is a key to self-management of behavior; that is, it is a source of inspiration for many self-managers. With the awareness of mystical union, there comes an inspiration to be an effective and responsible self-manager. All the great mystics have written about this applied component of having conscious union–about living in this world in the now. To the Christian mystic, Joel Goldsmith, it was clear. There is work to be done in this world. Much of that work is to be done in YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. Focus on two things:
1. Seek mystical union–Christ Consciousness (LOVE GOD)
2. Serve others by doing healing work in your own consciousness (LOVE OTHERS)

Our survival as humans is dependent upon our ability to agree about things we experience in the matrix. The matrix is everything you know, sense, believe, understand, perceive, comprehend, explain, and expect in your personal consciousness. The matrix is your personal reality. The matrix manifests itself to you as the “reality” of external and internal worlds measured in finite time and space. The biological correlate of this matrix is your brain. The psychological correlate of this matrix is your consciousness.

That internal world of consciousness includes metaphysical processing. Metaphysical processing (going on inside your head) includes thinking, critically analyzing, storage and retrieval from memory, sensory-perceptual processing, emotional processing and the CREATION and maintenance of personal beliefs. Beliefs are not directly accessible physically (biologically) in consciousness yet! However, behavioral science has identified behavioral correlates of beliefs including self-talk, the personal internal dialog, self-statements, and self-instructions –all of which are what most people call “thinking.”

These and other cognitive processes are subject to examination in consciousness via metacognition or “observing and thinking about your personal thinking.” Metacognition is one of the strategies of contemporary cognitive behavior analysis (CBA). CBA may be described as self-regulated applied metaphysics of a psychological nature. More simply stated, CBA is a strategy used by persons learning to achieve self-control over specific overt behaviors (what one says and does). This book teaches the reader how to examine their thinking and beliefs. Many persons who are learning to self-manage behavior find it beneficial to apply critical thinking skills to beliefs and the thinking that is correlated with those beliefs. Cognitive behavior analysis applies critical thinking to metacognition.

On the other hand, there is a crack in the fabric of that logical, linear, finite matrix and metaphysical processing in consciousness. That crack is mystical union with the presence sensed in consciousness. Examination of consciousness (either personally or as a scientist) inevitably results in an awareness of the mystical oneness experience. Mystical unity is an ineffable experience. That is, it is often difficult to find the “right” words to describe it. Yet, mystical consciousness is distinctive from ordinary consciousness and is also different from altered states of consciousness (e.g., dreaming). In a similar fashion, creative thinking skills are distinguishable from critical thinking skills. Yet, BOTH are components of creative problem-solving strategies in CBA. Balancing critical thinking and analysis and creative receptivity to the FLOW is the challenge of self-management psychology. It is likewise the challenge of the seeker of spirit (God) in consciousness. This book examines the concept of “kingdom consciousness” as post-oneness with ALL experience. Kingdom consciousness requires that balance of two worlds: metaphysical and mystical. Likewise, your LIFE in the matrix requires balancing: control and surrender (freedom of choice and love of ALL).

Consciousness is the common ground of the spirit-seeker and self-manager of behavior. Crack in the Matrix is a call to awaken to the mechanics of metaphysics (with its finite matrix) and the mysteries of mystical unity (infinite and omni-ALL). In this book, the mechanics of metaphysics will include an introduction to the AZ (Analysis Zone). The mysteries of mystical union will include an introduction to creative FLOW and the NZ (Neutral Zone).

Interested in learning more? Connect with Dr. Bob Benefield through his website www.crackinthematrix.com

For more of Dr. Bob’s story, check out part one here!

The excerpts are from:
• Benefield, R. (2008) Mystical Consciousness: Crack in the Matrix. Llumina Press. ISBN: 978-1-60594-190-5
• Benefield, R. (2005). Planning with Purpose: Anger and Happiness as Keys to Awareness. Llumina Press. ISBN: 159526-154-0.


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