IMG_6190 I’ve never been one for “religious” jewelry or symbols really. I found myself not ever desiring to wear a cross, paint a cross, because the cross made me sad and feel guilty. And while this is not to say the cross itself is bad, it just never resonated with me. My associations were always heartbreaking and fear based. So, I avoided them. Now in recent years, I find myself searching for tangible items to wear, to paint, to meditate on and with. I wanted something to hold in my hands. I wanted something to adorn me. Adorn my journey.

For a short time, I actively searched for “THE” piece. Something already made and something that would make me feel at peace, in my place in the universe. I couldn’t find this within a pre-made item. And however much I searched, I seemed to get farther from ever finding that piece.

After seeing a lovely artist’s necklace and asking her about it, she said, “Oh I made it.” It hit me. I wasn’t going to find a fully pre-made piece that would suit me. I would have to make it. I was drawn to the style of the Hindu mala and it’s use of 108 beads but found a lovely charm that I felt connected to, spiritually, artistically and symbolically. I gathered red sandalwood beads to be connected to the goddesses and felt the pull to add a little goddess charm a soul sister of mine sent me recently. IMG_6137I smudged. I grounded myself. Accidentally inhaled some of the smoke and had a coughing fit, don’t do that.  And I set off beading, counting, meditating. And so it was. A mala, crafted out of love. Love for myself. Love for those around me. Love for the universe and it’s infinite knowledge and power.  Never has an adornment felt so right. So perfect for me.
IMG_6136IMG_6160So here is my challenge to you. Make yourself a mala. Whether it be in necklace form. Bracelet, ring, painting, keychain, whatever. Just let it flow and just let it be an honest representation for you. There’s a great power in creating something from spirit. For your spirit. Forget tradition, if it’s not for you. There are no rules, no rights, no wrongs because heavens knows, I am not traditional or a rule follower, in any sense.

Love and light,



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