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john pavlovitz

Newtown Connecticut shooting

I am a Christian.
I am a pastor.
I am a father.

As all three of these things, I apologize to the world (and to the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting), for Mike Huckabee and James Dobson.

This week these self-appointed representatives of American Christianity have done what they seem bent on doing and content to do in times of tragedy; they have stood on top of someone else’s pain and grief while preaching a message of dreadfully misplaced anger, fear-infused hatred, and horribly dangerous theology.

During a time when most people (both religious and non-religious), have rallied around terribly hurting people to express heartfelt condolences and great anguish; when they’ve sought ways to somehow bring hope and healing to a devastated nation, Huckabee and Dobson have chosen instead to blame the victims.

It’s your fault.

God is ticked-off at you.

Apparently, having a mentally unstable young man, whose childhood…

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