This is why.

I became a Christian at the young age of 6. Vacation bible school, 1986, Trinity Fellowship Church. I knew what I was doing, and I knew what it meant, but I had no idea how to BE a Christian. I remember the ride home that night in the back seat of that blue 1981 Honda civic hatchback I saw spotlights in the sky moving around like advertisements for clubs or parties, and I thought I wonder if they are looking for God too?

I did not truly understand what it meanDSC00731t to be a Christian until I was 14 years old. March 26, 1994 my Dad gave me a bible. When he handed it to me he looked at me and said “Son, I have taught you and led you as best I know how. You heart belongs to the Lord, follow Him and let this book be your guide. Today you have become a man.” I did not really know that would be the moment when I would decide that God was the center of my life, and this journey in life called Christianity would begin.

I love being a Christ Follower, not because I belong, but more because it teaches me how to be love, grace, mercy and hope to others. It’s not a religion to me, it is a relationship, and that makes it real. To me religion is a man-made road paved with rules, regulations and acts of kindness that are meant to bring us closer to God. However, relationship is beyond the road in the field near the quiet stream. It is in the arms of my Lover, my Savior, my King, in the arms of my Father resting as He sings His song of love over me. This is why I love to wear the title of Christian.

I think the hardest part about being a Christian is the negative, condescending thoughts and judgments that have been so easily bestowed upon the title of Christian. The worst thing is that we did it to ourselves! It’s honestly not anyone else’s fault. The bottom line is that we have to be open-minded to the world. We don’t have to “lower our standards” to believe in a person or to be a part of their lives. We don’t have to believe the same, but we can love the same. We can be passionate about the same things. We can love each other beyond the names given, beyond the religious beliefs, beyond the past mistakes. To love is to cross all boundaries and really emulate Christ.

Worship is my calling. Not just in music, though that is a huge foundational part, but through servant hood. To worship is to serve, to honor, to stand in awe of. I believe God has given me wisdom beyond my years. God has many things in store for me, what they all are, I don’t know. He has his hand on my life and is leading me down a road only he knows. Though it’s scary, it’s exciting and new and I can’t wait to let Him use me as He desires. To lead people in worship, to teach others about worship, to show my children how to worship and to see God use me to Honor my family is all a part of the amazing journey I am on.

I think that a lot of people categorize Christians as hypocrites. Though that may be true, many are not. I think it also has to do with the fact that just like in any religion there are people that consider themselves better than others, and for some reason a lot of those people also consider themselves to be Christians!

My God loves you with no reservations. He does not expect perfection. Fact is, He would prefer it if you were broken. He has no interest in changing who you are; He made you in the beauty of His image. He just longs for you to hear Him calling your heart and believe. He longs for you to just sit and let Him pour His love out over you. Right now He is calling you by a name only you know, and singing His song of love over your heart. All He asks if for you to listen and believe so you can have this love He so freely gives.

The one word that describes my relationship with God is “Expectant.” I wake daily expecting Him to move in my life. I think many times Christ Followers wait on God in doubt. I did for a long time, with out even knowing it. I would say “God I am waiting on You” but in my heart of hearts i was doubting anything would happen. This is where I was wrong. I should have said as David did, “God I am waiting on you Expectantly!” Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. We need to step up and wait on God Believing and expecting Him to move.

Each morning I bring my requests to You Oh Lord, and I wait expectantly on YouPsalm 5:3 NLT




5 thoughts on “chad intro

  1. To see a man in his early thirties with three kids, a wife and a faith he adheres to, is rare but a damn awesome thing!

    (Different religion, but respect nevertheless)

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