I met Katelyn a few years ago on the internet where we connected over being a doula, and natural childbirth. As our friendship grew, so did the depth of our conversations. Sometimes, when you are on a path, you find others who are walking down the path you are and help you along the way. Katelyn is part of my tribe and it has given me great joy and encouragement to watch her journey. She is a mother to two beautiful girls, a wife to one amazing husband, a friend to many, a writer, and a very gifted photographer, but more than anything else, she is an explorer. Our souls recognized one another immediately when we met and she will always be a kindred spirit.Her blog about her journey is called Gypsy Moth Sol, and her beautiful photography work can be seen at Katelyn Demidow Photography.

Katelyn’s Journey

“Long Exhale” by Katelyn Demidow Photography

As a child I was raised Baptist. There were moments I remember while growing up that I would feel, deeply, a connection with the earth around me. Like it had a soul, a spirit and that maybe, just maybe, if I tried hard enough, I could control it. Just a little bit.

I pushed those feelings aside, or rather, hid them far within myself. Out of fear of even questioning anything, I got baptized at a young age, feeling if I did not, I was going to hell. So I obeyed. And I went through the motions. But did not feel it in my core. I could not admit that to myself at the time. 

Coming into my twenties, I got pregnant and my relationship with this part of myself morphed. Pregnancy and childbirth really opened me up. I was confused again about what I believed. I started asking all the questions I was afraid to as a child. This made me judgmental, snarky and downright rude at times. It was the big lead up to letting go of the fear and letting my own personal truths into the light.

I am not a Christian. I had to admit that to myself first before I could go forth. There are certain aspects I simply cannot agree with but most importantly, I cannot adhere to religion itself.
I choose to be nonreligious.
I choose to be completely spiritual.

From Christianity, I choose Jesus’ example of unconditional love. I try to emulate this.
From Paganism, I choose to honor the earth and all of nature, knowing that it too, has spirits and souls within it.
I highly respect the Shamanic journey. The guidance from those before us. From nature.
From Buddhism, I love the interconnectedness between souls and the search to end ignorance in our lives.

I am still very much in the messy throws of soul work. Learning different ways to heal, to grow, to love and to help. All I know is there is something(s) bigger than us. Something connecting us to this earth and to each other. That we are a part of something divine.

There is magic all around us. That I cannot deny. 

 Peace and Love.

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